About the program

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program in Applied Linguistics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is marked by its approach to Applied Linguistics as an interdisciplinary field of research drawn to the relationships established between language and society. Borrowing from a vast theoretical background and establishing a rapport with several areas in the Social Sciences, such as Language Studies, Literature, Psychology, Education, Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, History and Philosophy, among others, the courses in the Program focus on language use and meaning-making processes at work in varied social contexts (institutional or otherwise) as well as on the different sociabilities engendered by discourse participants. As a result of its interdisciplinary character, the Program is able to welcome a variety of research projects dealing with discourse practices in the fields of teaching / learning, instructional materials, literacies, translation, literary writing / analysis, literary performances, identity performances, cultural production, journalistic and broadcast media, digital and multimedia environments, etc.

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Area of Concentration

Interaction and Discourse

The denomination of this Area of Concentration of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program in Applied Linguistics stems from a view of discourse shared by its researchers / professors. Participating in this perspective is the understanding that it is the discursive factor which attributes meaning to signs, interactions and social relationships, as meaning-making varies according to the uses and the participants performing through language in given sociohistorical contexts.

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Lines of Research


Discourse and literacies


Discourse and social practices


Discourse and transculturation

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