• CV Lattes

    Doctorate Degree

    UFRGS, 2003. Advisor: Margarete Schlatter. Dissertation: In search of autonomy in foreign language learning in the academic context.


    Autonomy, assumptions and the development of Second Language teachers and students, sociocultural theory and critical pedagogy.

    Current research

    Second Language learner autonomy in Rio de Janeiro state schools: a sociocultural perspective (2010) – Drawing from a set of ethnographic principles, the present qualitative research proposes to map out and understand the underlying assumptions and attitudes of English-language learners in state schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro regarding the development of their autonomy within the context of learning a Second Language. The study adopts a sociocultural perspective, in which Oxford's autonomy model (2005) is favored over Benson's model (1997). Besides looking into other categories, the research aims to demonstrate how, while constructing their societal roles, learners come to engage in or not engage in learning activities proposed by teachers. This process of role establishment is to be analyzed in the course of the research by looking more closely at participants' underlying assumptions in a contextual perspective (BARCELOS, 2001) where specific classroom settings (which may be paradoxical, dynamic, socially constructed, mediated, experiential or emergent) are analyzed.