CV Lattes

Doctorate Degree

University of London, UK, 1986. Advisor: Henry G. Widdowson. Dissertation: Discourse analysis and syllabus design: An approach to the teaching of reading comprehension.


Discourse and identity practices in institutional settings (schools, family, the media, hospitals, trade unions, samba and hip-hop communities, etc.); Literacies in and outside school settings (digital literacy, media literacy, etc.) functioning as spaces for the construction of social identities.

Completed research projects

  • 2003: Discourse, narrative, and the construction of masculinities at school
  • 2004: Literacies, media discourses, and the construction process of social identities
  • 2009: School and non-school literacies: media discourse, performances, and identitary re-descriptions
  • 2010: Digital literacies: the singularity of the ethos, narrative and identitary performances


Current research

Digital literacies: performativity in a world of linguistic, textual, and human flux (2014) – Grounded on the pressing need for thinking contemporary research in the field of language studies as a challenge to our epistemological imagination with a view to understanding a series of socio-historical-cultural changes, which demand methodological and theoretical-analytical investments aligned with the social practices we live in the online world (and, in effect, in the offline one), this project focuses on emerging narrative performances (and others) of gender, sexuality and race (theoretically informed by performativity) in blogs and affinity environments, as well as on the semiotic media whereby they are constructed. Our theoretical apparatus is composed of a view of language and narratives as performative; of queer theories which aim to explain the performative and non-essentialized nature of gender, sexuality, and race; and of theoretical-analytical constructs which attempt to investigate the world of textual, linguistic and human flux through the digital frontiers we find ourselves in. Thus, the project resorts to a myriad of theoretical-analytical concepts related to the idea of language: reflexivity-metapragmatics, orders of indexicality, linguistic superdiversity, stylization, entextualization processes, transposition and recontextualization, text trajectories and contextual scales, and languages as linguistic resources. We do so with a view to approaching the uses of languages in our times of fluidity, contingency and intense reflexivity. The investigative methodology consists of a series of virtual ethnographies carried out in 8 blogs and affinity environments by means of the following tools: participant-observation, storage of the interactions in blogs and affinity environments, semi-structured interviews with focus participants, and field journals. It is, in conclusion, a project which brings together discursive-interactional, ethnographical and narrative-performative methods of analysis.

This project is linked to the Centre of Studies in Discourses and Society(NUDES). Project linked to the SALÍNGUAS Research Group.