Doctorate Degree

State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), 2010. Advisor: Kanavillil Rajagopalan. Dissertation: "Get down and funky" with the black rhythm of the "carioca" city.


Applied linguistics, teaching and learning; critical literacy; new pragmatics; linguistic anthropology; critical discourse analysis.

Ongoing research project

What do youth learn outside school? Literacy practices within peripheral cultural interventions (2016)


The Baixada Fluminense has historically been represented by a significant part of hegemonic discourses as the homogeneous realm of coronelism, widespread criminality, violence and poverty. Nevertheless, despite its reputation as one of the most strongly stigmatized areas of the country, such territory is also house to a set of promising and potent cultural enterprises: funk circles, rap battles, literary soirées and movie clubs are part and parcel of such places' daily existence. This research investigates such cultural productions not merely as political interventions upon territories, but as 'literacy agencies' — i.e., in an understanding that, in such events, young individuals engage in writing and reading practices aimed towards a shared goal. Our broader goal is to understand how such practices are utilized, signified and propagated by their own attendees. It is worth emphasizing that the investigation of non-scholar forms of writing is a cornerstone of the construction of pedagogies more sensitively associated with how students mobilize specific symbolic resources and materials within their communities — resources, it is worth adding, which often go beyond the literacy demands posed by schools. Our investigation, grounded on the so-called 'New Literacy Studies' developed by Brian Street and situated within an interdisciplinary field of inquiry, consists of a linguistic and ethnographic interpretation of the literacy practices which constitute some of the monthly cultural interventions in the city of Nova Iguaçu, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. As a result, we hope not only to accentuate the importance and the visibility of literacy practices commonly regarded as peripheral, but also to amplify the debate on school literacy by challenging prevalent graphocentric, Eurocentric and logocentric curricular perspectives.

This research project is linked to the Centre of Studies in Discourses and Society (NUDES)