CV Lattes

Doctorate degree

Pontifícia Universidade Católica-Rio, 2007. Advisor: Liliana Cabral Bastos. Thesis: The long way to Damascus: web of change and stream of change in narratives of religious conversion.


Education, Teacher Training, Narrative Studies, Literacy, Reading and Literary Production. He develops researches that deal with discursive, interactional and identity practices in institutional contexts (school, religion, etc.); His works are usually developed in specific contexts of Italian, Lusophone (with emphasis in Brazilian contexts) and Anglo-Saxon cultures of English language.

Research projects in progress

1) Experiences of Teaching a Foreign Language in Popular Contexts

Description: This research project proposes to investigate practices that involve the teaching and learning of foreign languages ​​in popular environments in the urban perimeter of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The research involves multiple aspects, privileging understandings from the study of narratives and the study of the construction of identities of those involved (students, teachers and other members of the community). The project focuses on the relations between discourse and the construction of the social identity of those involved in the learning process of a foreign language, through ethnographic research approaches that align with interdisciplinary perspectives in order to enable understanding and, if necessary, development of proposals for intervention in the multiple teaching spaces of foreign languages. This research involves the study of discourse in pedagogical contexts in foreign and maternal language and takes into account, among other aspects, its linguistic and paralinguistic dimensions, interactional, socio-cognitive and socio-cultural, identity construction / performances, the study of narratives and reflection on the teaching profession. In addition to being able to confront questions of literacy, genres, discursive genres and intercultural representations.


William Soares dos Santos - Coordinator / Cláudia Maria Bokel Reis - Member.
Status: In progress.


2) Identity and suffering in narratives of religious conversion

This project aims atinvestigatinghow the suffering is discursively constructed in narratives of religious conversion and what its implications for the social identity of the narrators.
In Brazil today, the study of religious discourse, particularly conversion narratives, must be understood as fundamental due to the continuous growth of conversions to evangelical churches, which has changed the religious social framework of the country, according to studies by Novaes (2001), Jacob (2003) and Santos (2007). Thus, "understanding the meanings and repercussions of this growth is today a complex challenge for the social sciences" (Novaes, 2001: 42) as well as for studies applied in the field of language, especially for those who turn to the relations between language and social practices. Considering the social context of discursive production in which the conversions take place, this study also intends to contribute to a better understanding of this process of social transformation that happens in Brazil today.
In my doctoral thesis I investigated how religious conversion narratives are constructed, based on the analysis of unstructured interviews in which subjects report their stories of religious conversion to different evangelical churches. In the present project, the investigation turns to the discursive articulations between religious identity, suffering and construction of narrative and social identities (see, for example, Moita Lopes, 2002, 2006 and 2009).

William Soares dos Santos - Coordinator
Status: In progress.

Status: In progress.