Profª Drª Ana Flavia Lopes Magela Gerhardt

Post-doctorate research

Institution: University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom Duration: September 2010 to March 2011 Project Title: Situatedness, intersubjectivity, normativity and the teaching of reading: perspectives on the formulation of instructional materials.

Doctorate Degree

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), 2002. Dissertation: The semantics of grammatical constructions and the simple present in Portuguese.


Language teaching and learning; cognitive sciences.

Ongoing research project

Linguistic literacy and the teaching of texts: subsidies to Applied Linguistics and to the qualification of mother tongue instructional materials

This project is grounded on the theoretical and procedural notions ventured by the concept of linguistic literacy, as well as by its corollaries (Ravid and Tolchinsky, 2002). We investigate ways for improving the teaching of Portuguese as a mother tongue in Brazil by enhancing individuals' status as linguistically literate in their mother tongue. The concept is framed in alignment with the formulations of the National Curricular Parameters for the teaching of Portuguese, some of which are particularly relevant: the definition of texts as levels of linguistic analysis of great importance to the development of pedagogies related to effective social practices in Portuguese; the perception of learning practices grounded on public uses of language, which, in the case of this Project, are linked to the construction of linguistic meanings in different modalities, and are thus described according to the framework of the Cognitive Sciences; and the crucial role of the teaching of reading and writing as a way of accomplishing goals outlined in the PCNs, and of the teaching of grammar as a means of promoting students' self-sufficiency in their interactions with written texts. The Project is divided into three basic research actions: the development of what constitutes the metacognitive and metalinguistic competences related to the production and reading of different texts as part of the process of construction of linguistic literacy; the investigation of available Portuguese instructional materials in relation to the competences previously defined; and the development of instructional materials aimed at textual educational practices for the teaching of Portuguese in both elementary and high school.

This research project is linked to the Centre of Research on the Teaching and Learning of Languages (NUPEL).