Profª Drª Ana Paula Marques Beato-Canato

CV Lattes

Doctorate Degree

State University of Londrina (UEL, Londrina/PR), 2009. Advisor: Vera Lúcia Lopes Cristóvão. Dissertation: The English writing production development with the use of didactic sequences contextualized in a pen pal project..


Prescriptive documents; language teaching and learning; teacher qualification; textual genres; sociodiscursive interactionism.

Ongoing research project

The underlying conceptions of prescriptive documents from learning institutions in Rio de Janeiro

The studies to be developed within this project lay emphasis on language practices and conceptions underpinning the curricula of learning institutions in the state of Rio de Janeiro. For our purposes, curricula are not taken as a set of disciplines ordered in time and space with a view to accomplishing a certain level of practical learning; instead, we regard them as political, power-infused instruments whose careful planning may lead to the overall improvement of education (BRANDÃO, 2010, p. 91). By interrogating curricula, we may identify socially constructed interests and forms of knowledge, as well as questions, transformations, and explorations of the not-yet-occurring (PASSONI et al., 2010). In that sense, this project addresses issues related to prescriptive documents with a view to comprehending the conceptions underlying curricula and syllabi both from Language higher-education courses and from regular learning institutions. In particular, we look at conceptions related to language and to teachers' work and required knowledge. Our corpus equally comprises the resolutions of the National Teaching Council, as well as the Parameters for Teachers' Qualification and schools' statutes and political-pedagogic projects. Moreover, we turn to annals of scientific conferences in order to perform a mapping of the kinds of research developed in our state which position language as a social practice. Such data will first be analysed separately; then, relations will be established so that commonalities and divergences between national, state and local prescriptions may be underscored. The understanding of such relations may give way to destabilization and reconstruction, allowing for the challenging of the naturalized social practices and for the construction of new ones, as argued by Moita Lopes (2009).

This research project is linked to the Center for Research on Language Teaching (NUPEL)