Profª Drª Angela Maria da Silva Corrêa

CV Lattes

Doctorate Degree

UFRJ, Brazil, 1991. Advisor: Miriam Lemle. Dissertation: Mistakes in French-Portuguese Translation: From the Linguistic to the Discursive Level.


Translation strategies and technical procedures; Discursive approaches to translation; French school discourse analysis; Ethos and discursive identity; Text genres and discourse procedures.

Current Research

Social and discourse identities of professionals working with education: from institutional texts to personal journals (2009) - Initially collecting information from official texts on the qualifications of Brazilian education professionals, namely teachers, as well as from the governmental papers setting the guidelines for basic education in Brazil (both at primary and secondary level), the present research seeks to draw a comparison between these official documents and the view peddled in the media concerning both the role of education in society, and that of teachers within the educational process. At a third stage, the research will gather teachers' personal accounts in order to collate how they see themselves - the identity claims they embody - to the ones inferred from the documentation analyzed. The theoretical and sociological framework employed draws from Pierre Bourdieu's sociology of education, Patrick Charaudeau's semiolinguistics (2008 - Language and Discourse; 2006 - The Media Discourses; Political Discourse), and from studies on Maingueneau's notion of 'ethos' (2005 - The Genesis of Discourses; 2006 - Literary Discourse).

Apart from the current research, Professor Angela Maria da Silva Corrêa collaborates on the research project on translation - Translation and interpretation as transcultural processes, coordinated by Professor Heloisa Barbosa, PhD.