Profª Drª Luciana Villas Bôas

CV Lattes

Doctorate Degree

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, Columbia University, 2005. Advisors: Dorothea von Mücke and David Armitage. Travel writing and religious dissent. Hans Staden’s Wahrhaftige Historia in print.


Travel writing and ethnography, notions of authorship and reading practices, literary theory and the philosophy of history, Atlantic History, colonialism and modernity.

Current research

An Undisclosed Brazil (2010) - The research looks into the existing links between the press, colonialism and the European overseas expansion from the perspective of a corpus of English, French, Spanish and German texts about colonial Brazil. Besides analyzing the use of travel journals as rhetorical justification for colonialism, as well as the self-stylizing strategy of European selves, the project raises questions on the transmission strategies of such texts, and particularly, on the consequences derived from the association between texts issuing from colonial experience and their non-colonial context of publication.

Colonial Brazil's first interpreter-translators. A comparative study of languages in their literary and cultural contexts (2010) - Despite all the interest in Brazil's first interpreter-translators to be found in recent historiography texts, no studies have yet been published on the specific circumstances involving either their experience or their textual representation. The present research studies the extent to which the figure of the interpreter is able to shape our understanding of the relations established between the indigenous peoples and the Europeans in colonial Brazil, through the analysis, on the one hand, of the specific media which allowed both native and European languages to forge novel cultural codes and, on the other hand, by looking into notions of authorship at play when interpreters represent their trans-cultural experience.