Profª Drª Marlene Soares dos Santos

CV Lattes

Doctorate Degree

University of Birmingham, UK, 1980. Advisor: Robert L. Smallwood. Dissertation: Theatre for Tudor England: An Investigation of the Ideas of Englishness and Foreignness in English Drama c.1485 - c.1592, with Particular Reference to the Interludes.


Yale University, United States, 1983/1984. Research: American Contemporary Theater: Sam Sheppard and off- off-Broadway Dramaturgy.


English language drama; English language literature.

Current research

Intracultural / transcultural Shakespeare: the discursive (re)construction of feminine identities in the tragedies (2007) - Considering that Shakespeare's dramaturgy has cut across different spaces and times, having been continuously reread from the second half of the 17th century onwards, up until the present, the aim of the ongoing research is to look into these rereadings, which are embedded in the ideological contexts of national culture and of other cultures marked by English imperialism in its many historical stages. The corpus of the research is bound to the tragedies, favoring the adaptations/appropriations featured in the form of dramatic texts, with the possible inclusion of fictional works such as novels and screenplays. The research focuses on the discursive (re)construction of feminine identities originally designed to be played by young men. The theoretical framework is that of discourse analysis and of materialist critical theory, in its feminist and postcolonial strands.