Profª Drª Tatiana Oliveira Ribeiro

CV Lattes

Doctorate degree

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, Brazil, 2011. Supervisor: Nely Maria Pessanha. Thesis: The herodotean apodexis: a way of saying the past.

Ongoing research practice

Herodotus’ Egypt and the inventory of differences – the discursive construction of alterity (2015) – This research operates through the observation of the alterity-construction discursive strategies employed in Herodotus’ second Book of Histories. Through the translation and the analysis of the Egyptian lógos, with an emphasis on its connection to the rest of the nine-book oeuvre, and on its dialogue with previous and coeval logographic productions, we shall observe the ethnographic tradition, especially Hecataeus of Miletus’, through the investigation of the fragments of Greek historians established by Felix Jacoby. The project aims to present a mapping of and an interpretation route to the images of an Egypt constructed in Greece and of a Greece seen from Egypt, from its universe of practices, habits, and forms of knowledge.

This project is linked to PROAERA.