Prof. Dr. Marcel Alvaro de Amorim

CV Lattes

Doctorate Degree

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), 2016. Supervisor: Roberto Ferreira da Rocha
PhD Dissertation Title: "Translation/Adaptation as a transcultural practice: notes on Hamlet in foreign territories"


Post Doctorate

King's College London (2016 - ), United Kingdon. Supervisor: Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho
Research title:"A Brazilian Shakespeare: anthropophagy, politics and cinema"



Film Adaptation/Translation; Teaching of Literature; Literary Reading.

Current Research Project

Transcultural artistic discourses: cinema, adaptation and anthropophagy: This research project aims at analyzing Brazilian filmic adaptations based on literary works produced in foreign territories, verifying how the target culture helps to reconstruct the source texts. Thus, it is the intention of the proposed research to answer the two following research questions: 1) How do the cultures of production and reception of filmic texts change, assimilate, restrict, add or reformulate the characteristics that we believe are essential to the source texts?; and 2) How and to what extent do the analyzed adaptations refract the changing cultural identities of its geographic, social and historical production context? In order to answer these questions, this research draws on the dialogic and intercultural studies of adaptation, the concept of Cultural Anthropophagy and the writings of the Bakhtin Circle.