Prof. Dr. Daniel do Nascimento e Silva

CV Lattes


Ongoing (2015-2016). University of California, Berkeley.

Doctorate degree

University of Campinas, 2010. Supervisor: Kanavillil Rajagopalan. Thesis: The pragmatics of violence: the North-East in Brazilian media.


Practices and processes of identity/difference construction; outlining of political and symbolic frontiers through ideologies and linguistic regimes; relationships between meaning-making and violence; ethnographic approaches to the study of media and mediations.


Ongoing research project

Discourse circulation on urban security and violence in Rio de Janeiro: construction and contestation of a “new” public sphere. This project seeks a local configuration for a broader social meaning-making problem: the ways in which the public sphere is constituted through the circulation of discourse (cf. Haberman, 1962; Frases, 1992; Caldeira, 2000, 2012; Briggs, 2007; Silva, 2012). In more specific terms, the problem at hand is related to understanding how, in the recent political-discursive construction of Rio de Janeiro as a “global city”, discourses on violence and (in)security, as they circle socially, shape limits of “public” and, simultaneously, its abject exterior. In other words, it is about understanding the performative potential of language (Austin, 1962; Derrida, 1977; Butler, 1997) in the construction of a “safe nucleus” in Rio de Janeiro – which coincides with urban interventions closely tied to economic transnational contexts –, as it is about understanding how that same performative potential operates in the local claims for the right to the city, which stand in direct opposition to the infamous process of segregation taking place in Brazilian cities.

This project is linked to the Centre of Studies in Discourses and Society (NUDES).