NUDES - (The Center of Research in Discourses and Society)

NUDES (The Center of Research in Discourses and Society) operates within a transdisciplinary framework, bringing together research practices which look at how language acts performatively in the construction of social life in a myriad of institutional contexts (the media, the school, hospitals, families, the church etc) and non-institutional ones (social platforms, cultural groups belonging to the so-called “periphery”, political activism groups etc). Investigations focus on the relationships between semiotic processes, textual mobility, sociabilities and globalization processes. Under the supervision of Prof. Luiz Paulo da Moita Lopes, the Center comprises research projects developed by different faculty members: Adriana Carvalho LopesBranca Falabella FabrícioDaniel do Nascimento Silva, Fátima LimaRodrigo Borba.