Coordinated by Professor Henrique Fortuna Cairus, PhD., the PROAERA (a research group listed in the Research Groups Directory at CNPq, as well as in the Research Projects Directory at UFRJ) has been working alongside the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program in Applied Linguistics at UFRJ since August 2008. The PROAERA is a group bringing together research projects that seek to shed light on the perceptions of Classical Antiquity prevalent in Western societies. Projects dealing with the rereading of Classical texts and imagery through the use of a contemporary theoretical apparatus are also welcome. In September of 2008, the PROAERA got together with three other research labs in Rio de Janeiro - Ousia (at the Graduate Studies Program in Philosophy at UFRJ), Noésis (at the Department of Philosophy at UERJ) and Discourse and Fiction (at the Department of Philosophy at UFF) - in order to form the Rio de Janeiro Center for Classical Studies (PEC-RJ).